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Ever since I was young, I’ve loved comedy. Whether enjoying it alone or with friends and family, stand-up comedy, for me, is an incredible salve for stress, a great way to take the edge off the sharpest times, and more than anything, a way to laugh. Off the top of my head, my favorite stand-up comics are Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, Jim Gaffigan – and I would never turn down a chance to see Jerry Seinfeld perform.

To stay slightly on-topic (this site is about writing after all), I have a particular appreciation for comedy writing. This weekend, I was browsing through stand-up routines on Netflix, and I came across a great show by Arj Barker from 2010 called “Arj Barker: LYAO.” In addition to a cute web animated series called “Arj and Poopy,” Arj played a memorable character named “Dave” on the very-funny HBO series Flight of the Conchords, a ridiculous musical comedy that got a lot of laughs out of me.

His set was full of quirks, but this particular twist on a common phrase had my wife and I chuckling for a long time:

Oh yeah, it’s cold, man. It’s as cold as I’ve ever seen. When I was walking over here tonight, somebody had dropped a witch’s tit on the sidewalk and all these people gathered around it, and they were warming their hands on it like it was a campfire. Just to tell you how cold it is.

If you like slightly off-the-wall stand-up, I highly recommend this paticular set by Arj. You can watch it on Netflix here: Arj Barker: LYAO. (The bit I’m referring to is at 1:40.)

As a side note, Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is absolutely worth your time, if the idea of two comedians sitting around, driving in interesting cars, having coffee and making random conversation sounds appealing to you.

Keep smiling!

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