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I love the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is a terrific musician on everything he performs, and the Foo never fails to disappoint.

One song on their “Wasting Light” album always gets my blood pumping: These Days. I heard it on the radio again this morning and remembered how much I enjoy it. The message I take from the lyrics is that, in the face of overwhelming pain and suffering, it’s “easy to say” that everything will be “alright,” but that doesn’t make the pain go away any faster, or make it hurt less, and anyone who thinks different has likely never suffered the same way.

The premise of the lyrics reminds me of the argument that, “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” In some cases, I wonder if, instead, “ignorance is bliss.”

Great song, great build, classic Foo Fighters. The abbreviated lyrics are below.

These Days
Foo Fighters

(abbreviated lyrics)

One of these days the ground will drop out from beneath your feet
One of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat
One of these days the clocks will stop and time won’t mean a thing
One of these days their bombs will drop and silence everything

But it’s alright
Yeah it’s alright
I said it’s alright

Easy for you to say
Your heart has never been broken
Your pride has never been stolen
Not yet not yet

One of these days
I bet your heart’ll be broken
I bet your pride’ll be stolen
I bet I bet I bet I bet
One of these days
One of these days

One of these days your eyes will close and pain will disappear
One of these days you will forget to hope and learn to fear
One of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat
But it’s alright

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  1. CynicalPrism Says:

    Anybody who has had a broken heart will be able to relate to this song, I know I do. However, time will ease the pain and it won’t seem so overwhelming. My favorite Foo Fighters song is Word Forward. Now that’s an excellent song! 🙂

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